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Major 5002-S Wire Stripper

The model 5002-S is a stripping machine driven by an electric motor. Exact stripping of different insulated wires from 26 to 14 awg is possible with a strip length up to 1.18". Adjustments are made quickly by adjustment knob located on the side of the machine.  Strip length and slug removal parameters are made with the 2 adjustment knobs located on the front right of the machine.


  • Stripping of wires from 0.05 - 6.0 mm² (26 - 14 awg), continuously adjustable without changing blades.
  • Short infeed length (Machine has special faceplate, not shown in photo)
  • Integrated spare blade
  • Light weight and compact build
  • Digital Display



Stripping Range: 26 - 14 AWG

Stripping Length: Up to 1.18"  

Infeed Length: 0.591" + stripping length    

Drive: Electric Motor  

Power Supply: 120 VAC

Approx Cycle Time: 0.5s

Dimensions: 10 1/2"W x 6 1/2"L x 7" H

Color: Blue    

Weight:   18 lbs.

Warranty: One Year in accordance to terms & conditions

5002-S Operating Instructions

For more information, contact us at 800-966-2345 or sales@majorelectronix.com