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LiteCycle Electrical Enclosures

ABS Plastic Terminal Enclosures

The LiteCycle ABS plastic terminal enclosures come in 3 styles: Gray, Ivory and Gray with a Clear Cover. They have terminal strips integrated for joining wires and several models feature molded knockouts.

Aluminum Terminal Enclosures

LiteCycle's aluminum terminal enclosures come in a wide range, & are made to meet the IP 67 rating for water exposure. They are useful in a number of demanding applications

Aluminum Junction Boxes

These junction boxes come in 12 sizes and are also made to meet the IP 67 rating. They have mounting holes for a simpler installation and feature a space saving design.

Push Button Boxes

The push button boxes are PBT plastic with a cover that comes in caution yellow or emergency red. They feature one or two cutouts for push button entry.



About Terminal Enclosures


Terminal enclosures differ from regular junction boxes in that they typically have an integrated terminal strip inside. Like the junction boxes, terminal enclosures help keep the wires inside protected from any outside elements. They uphold the integrity of the circuits inside by preventing outside tampering. LiteCycle's terminal enclosures are made to be a time saving and cost effective solution to having custom fixtures built.


Plastic Vs. Aluminum


Plastic enclosures come a wider range of sizes than the aluminum and are typically less expensive. Many of the plastic enclosures also feature molded knockouts to make wire entry much easier, without having to drill holes. Aluminum enclosures are available as both terminal and junction boxes. They are very durable and powder coated to resist corrosion. The aluminum enclosures are also made to be liquid tight, carrying an IP 67 rating. They are made to survive being submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes


Push Button Boxes


The push button boxes feature colored resin tops that are made to be noticeable in the event of an emergency or other serious situation. Like the plastic terminal enclosures, these boxes have molded knockouts for a quicker installation. The colored covers in red or yellow are made to stay bright, without having to worry about fading. They have a contemporary design using oil resistant materials, and can be exposed to high temperatures.


  • Streamlined, simplistic design
  • Faster installation with easier implementation and minimal effort
  • Promotion of more efficient processes and systems for the workplace environment
  • A wide range of products to fit the needs of the application or industry
  • Enclosures and junction boxes are made with time saving solutions in mind
  • Use of long lasting materials to create a quality product

Suggested Applications

Solid Gray Terminal Enclosure






Solar Applications


Control Systems

Solid Ivory Terminal Enclosure




Medical Devices

Gray w/ Clear Cover Terminal Enclosure


Large Industrial Equipment


Plant Facilities

Aluminum Terminal Enclosure










Gas Supplying Facilities


Petrochemical Plant Facilities

Aluminum Junction Box




Industrial Plants







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