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Major Electronix Wire Strippers Feature Simple Operation

Major’s all electric bench top wire strippers are lite weight with a plug and play design.  Easy to use controls allow a operator to be up and running with in minutes after instruction.  These machines are designed to strip the ends of wires for connector or crimp terminal assembly. All three can be used by following just a few basic steps. They have easy to use adjustment knobs that allow you to choose the wire gauge and the length of wire you need to strip. There are also adjustments to select whether the wire should be completely or partially stripped. Any scrap pieces that are created during the wire stripping process are collected in a drawer that can be removed for emptying. The 5000 series machines are not designed for stripping wire for scrap.

5000 Series Wire Strippers

Major 5001 Wire Stripper


The 5001 electric wire stripper  features four custom blades to handle even teflon jacketed wire with a gauge range from 30 to 14 awg without blade changes.

Major 5002 Wire Stripper


The 5002 wire stripper is driven by an electric motor and features two V type blades to handle wire gauges from 30 to 10 awg without blade changes.

Major 5002-S Wire Stripper


The 5002-S wire stripper is driven by an electric motor and handles wire gauges from 26 to 14 awg without blade changes. It has a short infeed length.

Major 5003 Wire Stripper


The 5003 wire stripper is driven by an electric motor and features two V type blades to handle wire gauges from 14 to 6 awg without blade changes.


  • All electric, so you can be up and stripping wire in minutes
  • Compact and lite weight makes moving these strippers where they are needed.
  • Machines are generally in stock and ready to ship
  • Repair parts and service available for all machines.
  • These machines are virtually maintenace free with only a light coat oil needed occasionally.
  • Dependable and knowledgeable service team to assist you if your stripping machine is not operating properly

Available Replacement Parts 


In the event that a component part on the wire stripper needs replacing, there are replacement pieces available, including:

- Blade sets

- Pointers

- Scrap drawers

- Knobs

- Gauges

- Circuit boards

- Switches

- Machine Feet

Major 5002 Wire Stripper Demo

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