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Major handles a complete line of liquid tight strain fittings and cord grips to seal a connection in a dust tight, hose down, or even a submersible applications including Solar, Wind, Oil & Gas, Pumps, Transducers, Sensors & more.

Major stocks a complete line of high quality industrial connectors and receptacles designed to supply power or signal including: Mini M18 series connectors, Micro M12 DC & AC, Nano M8, and Device Net connectors.

Major offers industrial ethernet solutions from basic switches and hubs to managed and process control switches.  Switches include multi-fiber ports for long-distance operation and have protection ratings as high as IP67.

Major supplies tube-axial industrial cooling fans, blowers, fan accessories, and heat-sinks. We also offer our customers value added service like twisting lead wires, adding connectors and custom fan trays.




Sealcon Strain Relief Cord Grips for Romex Cable 


May 4, 2021

The line of Sealcon cord grips made for flat Romex cable features special inserts designed to accommodate the shape of the cable. Available in metric, PG, or NPT sizes. More Info



Sealcon Conduit Fittings Now Available


April 13, 2021

Conduit system fittings from Sealcon are now available through the Major Electronix online store. They come in several different types and work with Sealcon conduit tubing. More Info


Major specializes in the supply and modification of DIN 43650 / ISO 4400 (EN 175301-803) Solenoid Valve Connectors.  We add indicator lights, surge suppression, cable and customer specific requirements.