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Light Efficient Design LED Lighting Options

Retrofit Lights

LED-LLC offers LED lights that can be retrofitted into existing light fixtures. LED-LLC features the 8000 series, with post top lights, utility lights and recessed lights. Standard base A19 bulbs are also available.

Flood Lights/Spotlights

Different varieties of floodlights and spotlights are available, each with different housing and base styles. LED-LLC lights can be used for track lights, decorative and directional lighting

Tube Lights

LED-LLC tube lights can be used to replace the standard fluorescent lights often found in offices, schools, hospitals and other institutions. They come in a variety of lengths to suit your needs

LED-LLC Retrofit Catalog

Approvals and Listings


Energy Star


LED lights have to meet a number of qualifications before being certified. First, the color temperature of the LED needs to stay consistent throughout its use. The lights need to be able to replace the incandescent wattage that they advertise, which also needs to stay consistent. It needs to be at least 75% efficient, meaning it produces more light while using less energy. The lights also need to be warrantied for at least 3 years.


Design Lights Consortium


An LED light fixture needs to meet the technical requirements for its category before it can be listed as qualified by the Design Lights Consortium (DLC). These requirements include such elements as efficiency, light output, warranty period and color accuracy. The DLC has a listing of all the LED lights that meet their standards for quality and efficiency. Different types of lights are eligible for submission, with each category having its own standards.


LED Lighting Facts

LED Lighting Facts is affiliated with the US Dept. of Energy. LED Lighting Facts shows many of the technical specifications for a particular bulb, including the light output, efficiency, color temperature, wattage and color accuracy. LED Lighting Facts does not have a set of minimum requirements to meet. It is intended to make sure info about a certain bulb is up to date and correct. LED-LLC has several models in its product line with LED Lighting Facts labels.


  • Longer lifespan than standard light bulbs
  • Give off less heat - cooler to the touch
  • More efficient energy consumption than standard bulbs - less energy use
  • Light gradually fades over time, rather than failing immediately without warning
  • More versatile - can be made to fit into smaller space and  emit light in a certain direction
  • Cost effective - less need for maintenance or replacement
  • Create a brighter light than standard light bulbs
  • Safer to use - higher resistance to shock & vibration - no mercury content

About Light Efficient Design

Light Efficient Design (LED-LLC) has been in business since 2008, specializing in creating LED lights that can be retrofitted into existing fixtures. Many of their products are made to meet a different standards, including UL listings, Energy Star approval and the Design Lights Consortium list of quality products.

LED-LLC carries a wide range of LED lighting options that includes utility lights, wall packs, recessed lights, standard and candelabra bulbs, colored bulbs, and floodlights. They come with 2, 3 or 5 year warranties, with many of the 8000 series retrofit lights available with different color temperatures.

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