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Lumberg Automation Connectors

Micro (M12)

Lumberg Micro (M12) connectors are made for machine wiring. They prove useful in a number of different industries. The range supports up to 250V and 4A. Available in a large variety of configurations.

Pico (M8)

Lumberg Pico (M8) connectors provide a cost effective solution and work well in smaller spaces. They can support up to 60V and 4A. Their fast connections ensure ease of use.

DIN Valve

Lumberg DIN solenoid valve connectors come in Form A, Form B or Form C, with some versions going to M12 or M8 connectors. Available as field attachable or with molded cable

Lumberg Connector Features




The M12 and M8 circular connectors from Lumberg are made to handle the harsh conditions of the industrial environment, including carrying various ratings for water and dust exposure. They are highly adaptable and their effective design as well as greater up-time makes them a more economical solution. The product line includes field attachable connectors, single ended cordsets, double ended cordsets and receptacles.


Halogen free black PUR cable is most often used for the molded DIN connector assemblies. This line also includes connectors with or without circuits. Circuited versions can feature LEDs and surge suppression. There are also DIN connectors specifically intended for pressure switches and actuators.




- Actuators

- Sensors

- Data

- Control systems

- Proximity & pressure switches

- Valves

- Transducers

- Encoders


- Pressure switches

- Actuators

- Hydraulics

- Pneumatics


  • Lumberg has many years of experience, having been in business since the early 1980s
  • Products prove useful in many different applications and industries
  • Rigorous testing for a number of conditions including shock & vibration, outside conditions and exposure to chemicals
  • Processes in place ensure the quality and  of the products
  • Environmental awareness - including the GreenChoice line of products

About Lumberg Automation GreenChoice

GreenChoice ensures that new products and the processes to manufacture them are made with conservation and the environment in mind. New products are designed to be produced as efficiently as possible, without wasting energy or materials. These products are made with more environmentally friendly materials and use less energy once they are implemented in applications. Any extra scrap that is produced during manufacturing is always recycled. Care is taken to ensure that energy and materials are not wasted on processes or products that are not needed.


The Micro M12 and Pico M8 are among the products labeled as GreenChoice. The materials used in production make them more energy efficient and long lasting. The space saving design reduces waste by using less material on each piece.

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